How to be successful in 2014!

My name is Guillermo Mendoza and I am the speaker for success, I dubbed myself that way because my vision is to help as many people as I can to succeed. As most things success is subjective and it is different for each person, but whether you want success in your career, relationships, job, business, child raising or love, it is always about having that nice feeling of accomplishment and self fulfillment, that grin on your face silently congratulating yourself for how good you are, how success decided to be a part of you.

We all have our success formulas, our definition of what works and what does not, and they are engrained as part of our opinions, thoughts and belief system, and wrongly sometimes we believe that by using our “secret weapon” we will be ahead of others and achieve that success. The irony is that it is precisely the opposite that creates more success. Those who became an open book and share their tricks helping others are seen as the experts, the gurus, the ones that know how to tackle a specific problem and help others with success by coaching, counseling, mentoring, speaking, writing; by being available and making their knowledge available.

I cannot think of a more successful way to start the year than to establish our success goals with the discipline in mind of what it would take to become a success. Any new endeavor will require resources of time, may be money, effort and of course a perseverant attitude to reach success. But for success to happen, a good strategy is required and my proposal for your 2014 strategy is to be available and make your knowledge available.

We all have our tricks, our “secret weapons”, and our proven techniques that for this or that have given us success in the past. Review what you did, what you said, what you thought when you were being successful and share it; help others to succeed and by a weird chain reaction you will become more successful.

I consider it selfish not to share our success formulas and selfishness is not a good way to start the New Year don’t you think? Embrace the art of sharing your knowledge and the even better art of sharing your help, your encouragement, and your love; and believe me life will pay you back by sharing success with you.

“Transforming organizations by energizing your people and getting results.”

Guillermo Mendoza is a business development strategist, speaker and writer. He is passionate about sharing the tools and experiences that he has helping executive leaders and their teams by creating consciousness, developing leadership and getting results.

Available for international engagements in: English, Spanish or Portuguese.

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