How To Change Clan Name For PUBG Mobile

Are you searching for The Best name for your PUBG game? If you are looking for the best and new PUBG names, do not be scared today, we are going to share more than 2000+ Latest names PUBG Mobile with you, With the help of which you can select the name of your choice. If you have come here to find PUBG name today, then all of you will know what PUBG is, but if you still do not know all about PUBG Don’t Worry today, we will give you all the information about PUBG and will also tell you why people are so excited about PUBG Names.

In today’s time, almost everyone has become crazy about PUBG, who is playing the PUBG game, what exactly is it that everyone is playing in this game. PUBG’s full name is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. This game was launched in 2017, at that time it was available only on the computer but today also available on mobile.

We all know PUBG is a dope game. It’s one of the best BR games but what makes it so much better other than the battles is that you can make friends with it and make a clan with them. You can also join the top clans if you have the skill and participate in tournaments, etc. There are many perks of the clan system in PUBG.

How To Change Clan name PUBG Mobile

The clan name is what shows up under your name in Lobby. Common names don’t really help in reflecting a riveting personality. This section lets you choose the Cool Clan Names for PUBG Mobile which can be used countless times. But if you create a clan and can’t find a memorable name, it will kinda suck. When you create a clan you should name it with thinking.

Aside from a Clan, an individual can also join or perhaps either create a staff together with your friends. It’ h different from clans as also if you leave a new clan you can still play with friends that are inside your crew. There are also specific tasks known as crew challenge which only people along with crews can play. You can also name or perhaps rename your crew.

If you’ re also in a crew or perhaps want to join, create the crew it’ s crucial that you decide its name. It will be demonstrated to people who will visit your profile. Below are a few of the best PUBG Crew names that an individual can select –

  1. FebDeck
  2. Equalizers
  3. Triston Valley
  4. Hipster club
  5. Bolt Swap
  6. Beast Tamers
  7. The Annihilators
  8. Z Warriors
  9. Murderous Weebs
  10. Seal Team 6
  11. Fire Out
  12. Tate No Yuusha
  13. Heroes Regarding Holy Weapons
  14. ReDeath
  15. Dragon_Slayers
  16. Recon Corps
  17. Homunculus
  18. Phantom Troupe

How To Change PUBG Username?

PUBG Corp and Tencent Games have been paying a lot of attention to improving the overall gaming experience of the PUBG Mobile by pushing regular updates with a new set of features to the game. It has been some time since we heard about anything new coming to the Lite version of PUBG Mobile. However, as always, developers have released the beta version of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.16.0 that gives us a glimpse of upcoming features and changes to the game.

  • You should have at least one friend in your PUBG account to change the name
  • Clear the level Third (Lv3) in the progress missions
  • In case you are far past that already, do not worry.
  • Navigate back to Lv3 and tap on its icon to attain the Rename card
  • After getting rename Card
  • Go To Inventory
  • Tap on rename card
  • Now Choose any Name from this post & rename your PUBG Profile.
  • If You wanna change your Name the second time then you have to buy rename card In around 180 UC
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